MMC Project Final Funding Request

I am so grateful to Jason and his family for his time with us.  I am grateful to all of those out there that have supported his participation in this work, for we are all enriched. — Wes Taylor

Jason’s participation in the project with Wes at the Mercy Medical Center is almost complete. On April 27th he will return home to the UK. This request is going out to all our supporters to help raise the final amount needed to cover the remaining costs Jason will have including his return airline flight. If you want read more of Wes’ celebration of Jason’s contribution you can read that here. If you’d enjoy reading some of Jason’s accomplishments, celebrations, and mournings you can read those here. And if you want to see how well we managed the donations we were given you can see the expense report here.

Luckily he has an amazingly generous supporter who is willing to match any donations he gets from others with an equal amount of his money up to $1000!! $600 of the matching funds have already been claimed, so there is still access to $400. This makes any donations you give twice as effective! As his supporter said: “I want other people to experience the fun of supporting this project – I don’t want my offer to donate to stop others from also donating and miss out on the experience.” So, now you can double your fun 🙂

Every donation is incredibly helpful – even if it feels like “too little” to you – it means a lot for us and there is a thrill of abundance in giving to others that we would love each of you to experience.