‘RETURNINGS’  – an NVC steeped five day residential in West Wales for anyone calling for grief to be given ‘a place at the table’

Grief as wisdom, as recognition, as bearing faithful witness to ‘what is’,  Grief as a skill joined at the hip with love and wholly mandated as part of an ennobling human endeavour.

This is a time for anyone bereaved, bereft, inert, saddened, heartbroken and grappling with  how it is to be human and be alive in these times.  It is a time to be with others, for grief to be more than ‘just ‘mine’ and personal to ‘me’  – a time to be accompanied; to be part of creating a ‘non judgmental human basket in which to thrash around in’ with love, praise, gratitude and an indebtedness for being alive as cornerstones of our being together.

We – Jason Stewart, Gayano Shaw and Emma Collins initiate this gatheirng fed from our deep living and daily practice of NVC infused with and called forth from the teachings of Stephen Jenkinson (http://orphanwisdom.com/) and others, as well as our lived grief and broken heartedness.  We envisage sharing, walking, ceremony, ritual, storytelling, music, tears, laughter, and we will all be needed for fire and home tending together.  The shared garnering, preparing and cooking together of the foods that will sustain us will be part of the backbone and hearth of our being together.  Interwoven through our days will be the call to stillness, to praise, to lineage and the tending of the lived relationships between others, our non human world and the unseen world.  

The sessions are open for anyone moved to come  – we invite an ‘etiquette of reverence’ and a willingness for big-heartedness, risk-taking and an acknowledging of the unknown as an integral part of our guiding forces. We come together to share and to learn from one another…

Our home – our ‘belonging to’ – for these days is the 40 acres conservation site of Denmark Farm Trust in Ceredigion –http://www.denmarkfarm.org.uk/ where we will be based in the beautiful eco lodges and have access to the roundhouse as well as the grounds.

‘Cost’ – For those who can contribute financially you are asked to contribute an amount that you can of between £265.00  –  £485.00 – to cover the costs of our time together and contribute some amount to us…please know that much of what we do is within the realms of ‘service’ – if you need to contribute less financially, or in a way other than financially please do let us know.

Places limited to 11 – bookings via gayano at gayano@ymail.com or 01558 650747

Dates: Wednesday 21st September arrive 14.00 – Sunday 25th September 12.00 noon (lunch then served or packed lunch to go optional)       ****     AND/OR   ****

Wednesday 30th November arrive 14.00 – Sunday 4th December 12.00 noon (lunch then served or packed lunch to go optional)

Any questions, thoughts, reflections?  Please do contact gayano on gayano@ymail.com, 01558 650747 or 07933 743105

With gratitude and love, gayano, jas and emma