GSE Directors

Giraffe Social Enterprises has been set up initially on a voluntary basis by Gayano, Alice and Peter, each of whom have already been undertaking work under the remit of the GSE mission, ethos and objectives…

Gayano  Shaw BA (Hons) Anthropology. CNVC Certified Trainer.

I have spent the last 7 years inspired by and immersed in the invitation of NVC principles.  This has included creating, offering and supporting a number of NVC-based events throughout the UK. Alongside my deep enthusiasm for the principles of NVC I hold a deep commitment to creating and offering events to support individuals and communities in developing compassionate connections.  In the past 3 years I have organised, hosted and participated in 3 major international NVC trainings with between 50  – 100 participants.  Presently, I am working with families and young people in our local community as well as being the  UK coordinator for an EU 2 year funded project to provide Needs-Based Coaching for individuals, businesses and communities across Europe in which I am working in partnership with organisations in 3 other EU countries.

Peter Kinsey BA (Hons) Architecture

For the last 13 year I have run my own tree resources company after a background in Architecture. I found NVC late in 2009 since then I have been actively involved in community camps, NVC retreats and workshops. I hold space for one practice group and attend another. I am constantly looking for ways to share NVC whether this is family, friend, the NVC community or online. GSE is another step in this vital development.


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