Grundtvig Needs Based Coaching

The EU Life Long Learning Programme is funding a project with GSE to work with Needs Based Coaching through the Grundtvig programme which supports adult learning. GSE is working in collaboration with three partner organizations: in Poland, in Holland, and in Denmark. The focus of GSE’s project is:

 “We have a specific remit of working with families to develop skills for connection and compassion. We also are committed to initiating collaboration within the national and international NVC community; inviting and supporting NVC facilitators of all experiences to share NVC events and to act as a platform for sharing, developing new skills and understanding. Further we are committed to exploring and developing initiatives for funding and to fund ‘outreach’ work where possible. Key intentions: To act as a hub for collaboration both national and international To offer in house workshops, all age community events, work ‘in situ’ with people in their own homes, communities and businesses. To offer one-on-one work, small groups, family camps as well as organise large NVC training events. To fund raise and create scholarship to support people regardless of their financial means to access opportunities within NVC. Partnership across the EU in this project is an exciting possibility for learning, sharing skills, resources, best practice, shared understanding and connection across communities. Key areas for developing this work includes: Volunteers – To support volunteers in organization’s such as hospitals, hospices etc to learn and integrate empathy skills to help reduce organizational burnout and increase service excellence. Families – Developing innovative approaches to inter-generational and family learning. Specifically focused on areas such as, empathic connection, listening, expressing clear observations, expressing clear requests, engaging with conflict.”

Final Project Pamphlet

One of the outcomes of this project was the production of a pamphlet describing the importance and benefits of Needs-Based Coaching highlighted in our work. This pamphlet is available here and downloadable as a PDF file.


This has been made available through the European Shared Treasure database.


This project is supported by the Grundtvig programme of the EU Life Long Learning programme.