what is the ‘Giraffle’

For us, the Giraffle is an amazing and delicious opportunity for sharing, connection, service, support, networking, experiencing and contributing to NVC in the world – in essence, it’s like a raffle – for a £10.00 contribution you could get to attend any one of the 15 amazing NVC events offered, such as:

  • a 6 day workshop called ‘Hard Wired for Love’ with Susan Skye,  
  • individual support sessions through skype or phone with  trainers such as Gina Lawrie or a Play in the Wild team member and others…
  • a long distant tele class with Miki Kastan offered through the NVC academy  

The full list is below and on the fantastic Giraffle page.  All £10.00 contributions can be made via the paypal button at the end of the page and for 2013 all monies raised will be added to the Compassionate Community Retreat scholarship fund so that families can request help to attend if they need to.  Any surplus funds will be kept for a more general scholarship fund for people to request support to attend other NVC events and courses throughout the UK and internationally – Your contribution will be directly supporting NVC in the world.

STOP PRESS…we are delighted to announce that a donor has offered to match £ for £ any Giraffle tickets bought from now until Sunday 28th April – whatever you put into the pot will be doubled!!!  Yay!!!

This year the draw will take place on May 30th 2013.  All names from the £10.00 gifted contributions for the 2013 Giraffle will be placed in a hat and we will draw 17 names for the 17 events offered – this will be videoed live for a ‘You Tube’ clip. The first name out of the pot will be contacted and have first choice as to what they would like to attend, then the second person offered the same until all events are allocated.…We will be tracking those who might only be able to attend skype or internet offerings to ensure they have an opportunity to receive as well.

all offering’s to be taken up by end of June 2014

2013 offerings….

Gina Lawrie – one to one session in person or by skype (normally £50.00)

Susan Skye –   ‘Hard wired for love’ a 6 day retreat in June 2014 (normally £775.00 – £1175.00) participant to cover accommodation/meals of £250)

NVC Academy –  ‘Making Life Work.  For Everyone.  No Exceptions’ with Miki Kashtan – May   – December 6, 2013 normally $497.00 (more info to follow via a link to the website)

Gayano, Alice Sheldon, Sarah Mook, –  Loving and living with Children w/e, either June or September, one adult and one child place (normally £150.00)

Gayano – ‘live NVC’ – 2 days in your home or ours for families or individuals – inc cooking – at a time to suit within the next 12 months

Play in the Wild animators – a skype session with either Catherine, Jesse or Melanie (normally $108)

Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie – one of the brand new Dance Floor DVD’s

Vicky Peirce, gayano  and Vajrasara  – a 2 day Beauty of Needs weekend, November 2013 – participant to cover accommodation

Jill and Richard Broadbent – a place on an introductory ‘Choosing Life’ weekend or a ‘Dwelling in Beauty’ deepening day (normally £125.00 or £65.00)

Des McNeil-Moss – Rainbow Ramble weekend (participant to cover accommodation/meals costs)

gayano – 6 sessions by skype/phone or in person..

Dorothy Nesbit – a one to one coaching session

Ray Taylor and Dorota Godby – A couples support session: Boxing for Love! In person or by skype..

Vicky and gayano – 5 day Living Compassion with NVC  normally £250 – £450 (participant to cover accommodation/meals costs of £125.00)

Des and the Mill camp team – An adult place to attend the Rainbow Mill NVC camp August  2013 

Karl Smerecnik –  Two separate offerings:
 – two one-to-one sessions of empathic counselling and coaching over skype or phone.   Or an invitation to a workshop of your choice that I’m offering in London.

Please note that some events may have a pre-requisite of experience with NVC.

A huge BIG thank you to the amazing support we have experienced from all the trainers and organisations that are contributing to this, as well as the all the work put in from Peter Kinsey who designed the fantastic Giraffle banner and keeps track and acknowledgement of those contributing…


Quote from one of last years camp participants…

Dear Gayano and Leo, 

Deeply heartfelt thanks for your inspiration to create a camp and the work you then followed through with to make it happen. I think it was an amazing achievement and a wonderful experience. I had no idea what community was before, and now it has become a really important focus of attention as I have experienced the incredible support that we can offer one another in the spirit of compassionate communication.  It was not an easy journey through the week but it was extraordinarily enriching and I am filled with hope that there are many of us moving in the same direction and that we can all ease the way for each other.

Personally, I have found the transition back to everyday life somewhat challenging as my heart had opened to some core beliefs that were triggered at regular intervals once I got home, so emotionally I was very up and down. However, there is a deeper sense of ongoing connection and capacity within me to open lovingly to the jackals within and without (well, sometimes anyway!)  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do some work with Catherine, Jesse and Melanie – some of the workshops were invaluable and the three of them have been an inspiration to me in demonstrating our potential as human beings.  I’ve downloaded a set of needs cards from zenvc which I’ve used to great effect in a family meeting at home and with a couple of friends in my old nvc  group so the tools they’ve given me will continue to send ripples of empathy out into the world for a long time to come.

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