NBC – Eindhoven Coaching Week

Thirteen Nonviolent Communication Trainers spent a week together outside Eindhoven Netherlands to explore Needs Based Coaching. It was the first international gathering of the four country team of the UK, Denmark, Holland, and Poland that has been funded by the Grundtvig programme to explore Needs Based Coaching. The following members were present:

  • Jason Stewart – UK
  • Gayano Shaw – UK
  • Pernille Plantener – Denmark
  • John Erik Knudsen – Denmark
  • Anniliva Lemke – Denmark
  • Peter Ulrik Jensen – Denmark
  • Moonie  Doodman – Holland
  • Matthew Rich – Holland
  • Maruschka Boomsma – Holland
  • Agnieszka Pawlik – Poland
  • Joanna (Asha) Berndt – Poland
  • Magdalena Sendor – Poland
  • Dominika Jasinska – Poland
  • Izabella Szczepaniak – Poland

Our group was led by Pernille, the project lead from the Danish team

Our Leader

and we spent the 6 days exploring different coaching modalities and practicing coaching with one another.

Pernille giving a coaching demonstration


Maruschka, Magda, Anniliva and Dominika listen to a teaching session
Izabella, Dominika, and Agnieszka take a break from coaching
Peter and Matthew looking tough
Asha, Annilive and Peter coaching
Jason, Gayano, and Maruschka coaching
Annilive and Agnieszka coaching
John Erik, Annilive and Peter listening to a teaching session
Jason, Gayano, Matthew and Magda listening to a teaching session
Pernille and Maruschka in a coaching demonstration
Peter and Dominika coaching
John Erika and Maruschka coaching
Izabella and Magda coaching
Magda and Peter practicing in the garden
John Erik and Annilive practicing outside
some of our learning

We also spent quite a lot of time exploring the cultural diversity of our group – we had lots of time for preparing meals together and sampling each other’s cuisine, talking during breaks

Gayano cooking one her amazing meals
a meal
another meal together

and exploring life in our different countries and we even made time for fun and games!

Jason and Gayano drumming up a storm
Mathew and John Erik having some fun with Asha getting some long awaited revenge
even time for some dancing
Jaso, Mathew and Peter preforming the urinal skit

The week also gave the organizing team of Jason, Gayano, Moonie, Pernille and Agnieszka time to meet face-to-face for the first time and begin to map out the role of our joint international gathers as well as share our collective intentions for our local national-level projects and how we can support one another in our local efforts.

Team meeting UK, Holland and Denmark with food and beer
Team meeting UK, Denmark, and Holland with wine and tea

Saying goodbye was tough after spending six days together.

Izabella, Peter and Dominika saying goodbye
John Erik, Jason, and Maruschka saying goodbye
the whole crew