Robert Gonzales Film Project

From a chance conversation to producing a film!

GSE has become a film production company! Listen to gayano tell the story…

Background Story

At the end of the 2014 Birmingham IIT (NVC International Intensive Training) we organised Jas and I found time to sit together with Robert Gonzales reflecting on different things including Roberts ‘work’ being more available to people.  This conversation  gave birth to the idea to create a DVD/downloaded-able film of 3-6 hours that captured the richness of Robert as ‘teacher’.  I wanted Roberts reflections, insights, learning, one to one ‘healing sessions’ and practices for people ‘at home’.  I also saw it as a unique possibility to bring people together for a time of inspiration, connection and community ‘working together’ to create a resource for people.

I had no idea at the time about what was needed to produce a film and I am utterly indebted to all those who came together in the spirit of service and contribution both practically and financially that made the filming event in March this year possible: the film crew, catering and host team, the 26 people as audience and Jill and Richard Broadbent who support Robert.

Making a film…

It was clear at the outset that our ‘film set’ would be Waunifor Retreat Centre  in West Wales as GSE and Lived Kitchen have hosted Robert there before at events in which both film directors had attended.

The filming I naively imagined would simply be our dear experienced (both in film and NVC) creative director Carolyn Davies with her camera.  In fact we hired 3 professional digital cameras operated by Carolyn, director Andrew Carter (highly experienced both in film and NVC) and Dan Campbell (an 18 year old film student and connected with NVC) as support. We also had 1st Assistant Director Amanda Raine and a crew of 3 others for the filming.  We had lots of additional equipment hired or bought and there were hours of admin and phone calls and conversations to cover anything from what cameras to hire, the equipment needed, to lighting, to backdrop design overall planning about the look and feel of the film.

It was an adventure well forged, full of learning, insight, fun and depth and we are now the satisfied team of many hours of film  stored on three hard disks in three separate places for safety!

Final Films

The project was completed and the final 11 videos released in March 2017. You can find the link to the video’s from the GSE Vimeo Channel. Enjoy!